Elizabeth Starr Masoudnia
Musician English hornist Teacher Coach

Elizabeth Starr


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The Inside Story: Elizabeth Masoudnia and ENGLISH HORN EXPRESSIONS

Feb 2023-03-26 05:44:03 In Public Tags Post

Who was your first favorite artist(s) growing up?

Louis Rosenblatt, my predecessor in the Philadelphia Orch...

Episode 12 - Elizabeth Starr Masoudnia

Feb 2023-03-15 13:14:37 In Public Tags Post

Episode 12 of REED TALK features a fascinating interview with Elizabeth Starr Masoudnia, solo English hornist of the...

Meditative yet Impassioned

Feb 2023-02-14 12:50:26 In Public Tags Post

Meditative yet Impassioned

Music for solo cor anglais, heard by GEOFF PEARCE

'The playin...

The emergence of the Cor Anglais/English Horn

Feb 2022-12-20 05:41:44 In Public Tags Post

The oboe da caccia (hunting oboe, hautbois de chasse/de forêt),  likely invented by J.H. Eichent...

English horn?

Feb 2022-12-20 05:28:44 In Public Tags Post

  • Name: English horn, cor anglais
  • Spelling
    • German: E...